Sugar Shot Weekly Activity Report: October 3-9, 2011‏

Richard Nakka and Blair Nakka have begun machining the Forward Bulkhead for the new DSS BPS motor.
Paul Avery has begun designing a new and more powerful pyrogen unit for the DSS BPS motor. The new unit is roughly double the size of that used for the DSS BP motor to ensure a rapid start-up.
Markus Bindhammer has performed additional research into eutectic propellant formulations. The latest experiment deals with the production of Golden Powder, which refers to a mixture consisting of potassium nitrate as an oxidizer with ascorbic acid as a fuel: Eutectic Sugar Propellant Research Part V

Based on feedback, Hans has updated the report Flight Controller and Trajectory Map.This document deals with the pairing of pyro devices and flight controllers for the DoubleSShot flight, andadditionally deals with the nature of the recovery process.

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