KClO3-Sulfur-Epoxy composite propellant

  • 0.5g resin and 0.5g hardener (5min epoxy) dissolved in 5ml isopropyl alcohol
  • 3.5 fine powdered KClO3 added and stirred till it was a homogenous paste
  • 0.5 fine powdered sulfur added, stirred again (mixture must be always wet!). Strong sulfur smell occurred. Epoxy, KClO3 and sulfur mixture precipitated after 2min from left isopropyl alcohol. Sulfur seems to react with the curing agent and accelerates hardening process.Yellow coloring of mixture due to sulfur disappeared during curing process.
  • Separated from remaining isopropyl alcohol, strand formed, 3h cured 

Strand burn rate 15mm/s at STP:

Some more burn tests:

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