KNO3-LiNO3-Sorbitol-Eutectic propellant


  • 6.5g KNO3 and 3.5g LiNO3 mixed in a beaker
  • Heated on lab hot plate with temperature sensor till a temperature of 130 °C was reached
  • 0.5g candle wax added for impregnation (hygroscopy). Interestingly the wax dissolves completely in the molten salt bath, but a wax with a melting point of 110-120 °C would be better.
  • Slowly 6g sorbitol to molten salt bath added, stirred till sorbitol was completely molten and dissolved
  • Poured on a coated baking paper, strand formed (latex gloves!) 

Hot plate with temperture sensor and thermostat:
Strand burn test:

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