Newspaper rocket fuel

Have you read the newspaper today? What have you done with the newspaper? Thrown it in the dust bin or recylce bin? Can you imagine, newspaper can be rocket fuel and blast us to the moon or to other planets?
I had this idea, searching for a suitable binder and reinforcement of the grain for hexaphenox propellant. The binder and part of the fuel is polyvinyl acetate (white wood glue). The secondary fuel is old newspaper. The oxidizer ist KClO3. It is a kind of cellulose-reinforced plastic propellant. The video shows a test firing of 70g polyvinyl acetate/cellulose/KClO3 propellant:

 The propellant was made as following:
Some converted JPGs from the video (using Free Video to JPG Converter):
Propellant dries in the baking oven:
 Finished propellant grain:

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