Sugar Shot Weekly Activity Report: August 15-21, 2011‏

Paul Avery overcame the water leakage issues and reports that the Delay Plug has been successfully hydrostatic pressure tested to the specified 1330 psi (90 bar). This is a significant development that verifies the structural design of the Delay Plug (done by Carlos de los Santos). The result also confirms the quality of Paul's fabrication of the Delay Plug. Joel Farley also deserves a 'tip of the hat' for fabricating the high-quality mould.

Forward motor casing set up for hydrostatic testing of the Delay Plug. The hydraulic pump is also seen connected to the motor:
View of the Forward Bulkhead end of the setup:
 A cordless drill is used to power the hydraulic pump:
 Filling the chamber with water:
The pressure gauge indicating target pressure achieved (less a few psi leak-down):
(Photos courtesy Roger Paskell)

Paul subsequently hydro-proof tested the aft motor casing assembly to 1000 psi in order to verify its structural integrity and pressure tightness. As well, the Delay Grain was removed from the Midbulkhead and is ready to be re-cast to its full size.
Rick and Paul were at the FAR test site this past Saturday performing various tasks relating to the upcoming motor firing. The 12th and final propellant grain was cast at the site. The steel backing plate for the test stand was completed. An alternative deluge water supply system was worked out. Video showing 12th grain segment and a demonstration burning of hot propellant:

The static firing of the DSS BP motor is being tentatively scheduled for Saturday, September 10th.

Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp. has generously agreed to sponsor Sugar Shot to Space by providing the following:
1. One (1) license of SolidWorks Premium software; and 
2. One (1) license of SolidWorks Simulation Premium software; and 
3. One (1) license of SolidWorks Flow Simulation software
This is an important development that will benefit the development of both DSS and ESS vehicles. In return for their sponsorship, SS2S will perform co-marketing activities such providing our 3D models to SW to create images and animations for use in marketing materials, assist DS SolidWorks in the preparation and final approval of press releases, and having members of SS2S appear at an upcoming SolidWorks World.
Conference (expenses paid by SW).  A huge thank-you goes out to Jacob Ferriera for making this happen.

DSS's primary sponsor, Markus Bindhammer, has generously donated a BoosterVision GearCam HD-DVR. for use with SS2S activities. Markus has tried out the camera in flight and is impressed with its performance. We will certainly put the camera to good use.

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Help SS2S make it to Space. We need all the support we can muster.

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